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from Tokyo to the world!

Any goal. Any level. Any time. Any place.
Experienced teachers will strongly support
your learning from Tokyo.


Personalized lesson

For any learning objective, any language level, any lesson setting!

Each person has unique objectives for learning Japanese for their own real-life situations. It may be for work, for school, for daily life, or for a combination of those. 

For each student, we design a unique course based on your specific real-life objectives. We create course content that draws from real-life situations. Each course is tailored for each student’s learning style and schedule for maximum effectiveness.

Please contact us at to receive a free consultation.

Skilled teachers

Our teachers have extensive experience teaching people from all walks of life, from school children to company directors and everyone in different life stage. Students from all over the world, both in Japan and abroad, have learned Japanese with us. Whatever your mother tongue is, our teachers are trained in appropriate techniques to help you learn Japanese effectively. 

Access online lessons from anywhere

You can join lessons online from anywhere in the world. We conduct lessons on a video-conference platform. Class materials are designed specifically for maximum effectiveness online. We can take any content you would like to use, for example from a textbook, media, a report, etc., extract the relevant contents and create online course materials specifically for you. 

Flexible schedule

Because  each course is designed individually, students can start at anytime and from any level. One lesson goes for 60 minuites but the course term and lesson frequency are determined by the student’s request. There is no enrollment fee. That means the student can take a break during the course without extra charge. We also provide a free make up lesson in case students need to cancel the scheduled lesson. 

Livelogue Japanese


In 2002, Livelogue Japanese Academy was launched in Tokyo by principal Ms. Rie Ariga. She has earned a degree in Linguistics in Japan. In addition, she has lived and worked locally in the US, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and these experiences have helped her develop multi-lingual competence. She owns experience living abroad and her research in linguistics form the basis for Livelogue’s teaching approach, which leverages the student’s own objectives and real-life situations to make effective and durable progress in the Japanese language. 



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